A note from our Coaches: June 15, 2020

To Our Student Skaters,

We are Open Again for Skating and Lessons have Resumed. Schedule your Lesson with one of our Coaches and start Rolling towards your Goal of becoming a more Confident and Skilled Skater!

Thank you for all your patience and understanding during this time.

We look forward to seeing you at Let's Roll

God Bless!


Private Roller Skating Classes Are Now Available!

Get to Know Our Instructors - See Below 


Getting to know Deborah Schlittler (A.K.A. Rollin’ Debbie):

January 26th, 2017

Let's Roll would like to Welcome Deborah to our Team as the the Roller Skating Instructor. 

RSA International Member SRSTA/LTS Coach


Deborah started Artistic Roller Skating at the age of 5 and skated for 10 years at a Roller Skating club in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she grew up. She went on to win 1st place on her school regional competition back in the 70’s Roller Disco days.

In the 1990s, while working at Purdue University, inline skates were all the rage and she adopted to street rollerblading. After a few years’ hiatus, Deb experienced a re-birth of her PASSION TO SKATE, when she moved to Atlanta, Georgia and found Let’s Roll Skate ‘n Fun Center close to home.

These days you will find her gliding away at the rink every chance she gets, teaching all-you-need-to-know about the art of roller skating. Deborah is constantly striving to improve and developed her own skating techniques, focusing on balance, coordination and precision. She is always observing and learning new skills, researching new drills & maneuvers, and cross-referencing Quads Roller Skating with Inline Skating and Ice Figure Skating.

Deborah enjoys being involved with the community, where she has been a Mentor for Forsyth County Schools for 8 years now. When she is not on wheels, Deborah loves to spend time with family & friends, exploring the great outdoors, reading books, watching movies, and plotting her next travel adventures.


Contact Miss Deb at


Getting to know Nova Grooms:                                  

May 26th, 2019

Let's Roll would like to Welcome Nova to our Teaching Team as the the Roller Skating Instructor.

Nova began skating at the age of 4, at her local Sparkles skating rink. She continues to enjoy her passion and love for skating by working at Let's Roll Skate n' Fun Center, and by being one of our skate instructors. She not only enjoys recreational rink skating with her friends, but also partakes in outdoor skating and the internationally beloved sport of flat track roller derby. She will be moving up from the Atlanta Junior Roller Derby league to the Atlanta Roller Derby rec league in this upcoming season. She has an avid love for all things skate, as well as a helpful and kind disposition. She looks forward to guiding a new generation of skaters.


Contact Nova at


Information about our lessons:

Roller Skating is fun! It also offers great health benefits for the body, improving balance, agility and coordination.


Skating Lessons for Everyone – Classes are based on ability and not age. Skaters under 5 years old will be evaluated by instructor for sport readiness.

Cost of Lesson: $40 for a 30 minute lesson during a Public Skating Session includes Admission & Skate Rental (Day Sessions Only), must Add $2 for a Friday or Staurday Night Lesson. Any Lesson paid for in advance will receive $5 off for the discounted price of $35 per student. Each student must have a waiver filled out before the first lesson and all lessons must be paid for in advance to secure your spot. Please remember all lessons that are not paid for in advance will cost $40 at the time of the lesson. If you fail to show for your lesson without a minimum of 36 hour notice to the Instructor by email, you will forfeit the cost of the lesson. There are no refunds... only reschedule if done within the proper amount of time.

Beginner Classes Skating Skills: Basic of Skating

  • How to properly tie your skates

  • Marching in place /Marching forward

  • Safely falling down

  • Getting up

  • Starting & Stopping

  • Balance & Control

  • Practice “Safe Position”

  • Skating forward

  • Basic turning

  • Body Posture

  • Skate Safety

Intermediate Classes Skating Skills:

  • Push and Roll / Stroking

  • Body Posture

  • How to Crossover / Turning

  • How to skate backwards

  • Turning forwards to backwards

  • Turning backwards to forwards

  • Balance on one foot

  • How to skate on Edges

  • T-Stop


Advanced Classes Skating Skills:

  • Fast forward Scissors

  • Back Scissors

  • Mohawk Turns

  • Figure 4 One Leg Skating

  • Arabesque

  • Spread-Eagle

  • Beginner Figures

  • Beginner Spins

  • Beginner Jumps

  • 3-Turns

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We are a "Skate at Your Own Risk" facility. All person's entering Let's Roll Skate 'n Fun Center assume all risk regarding accidents and injury. Georgia is a "Skate at Your Own Risk" state.