We Want Everyone To Have an Awesome and FAMILY FRIENDLY Time at Let's Roll Skate 'n Fun Center.

Our rules for conduct and safety are in effect during all skating sessions. Let's Roll wants you to have a great time, but we insist that it be a clean and safe one. We are dedicated to providing a safe and clean atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. 


Our Refund Policy:

No refunds will be given to any skater who leaves on their own accord or who is asked to leave the Let’s Roll Facility for disciplinary reasons. The only exception will be a major medical problem affecting the participant and confirmed by a physician’s statement. All refund requests must be emailed to the General Manager of Let’s Roll with a copy of your original receipt for consideration.

There are No Refunds only Reschedules for our Birthday Party Packages. Once you have made payment for your party, you are officially scheduled for that date & time. All reschedules must be made a min. of three business days prior to the date of your party, No shows will forfeit their right to reschedule and lose their money. 

So that everyone has a fun filled roller skating experience, the following rules will be enforced. These rules apply to everyone, parents and children.


  1. All persons shall act in a manner suitable for a family friendly environment.

  2. No tobacco products of any kind! (cigarettes, chewing tobacco and smokeless cigarettes included)


  4. NO GUM CHEWING PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! It winds up on the hardwood floor or the carpet.


  6. NO "In & Out" privileges or loitering around the building. If you choose to exit the building, you will pay a re-entry fee. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

  7. No alcoholic beverages, or anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs, will be allowed on premise.

  8. All patrons must dress in an acceptable manor, no shirts with foul language or inappropriate logos, pictures or messages. Shirts & shoes are required to enter building.

  9. All inline and quad skates brought in the building are subject to approval by management. NO MISSING WHEELS OR SHARP EDGES!

  10. Fast, reckless, tag playing, or skating in an unsafe manner that may jeopardize the safety of others will not be permitted.

  11. No sitting on railings, walls, tables or counters.

  12. All persons renting skates must wear socks (Socks may be purchased at the Pro-Shop)

  13. When skate session is over, tuck laces inside the rental skates and return them to the skate room.

  14. All shoes, coats, purses, and personal belongings must be placed in a locker. Items may not be kept at snack bar tables. Let's Roll is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  15. All food and drink are to be kept in the snack bar area. We strongly encourage you not to leave drinks unattended for your personal safety.

  16. Everyone 2 yrs old and up entering the building must pay admission except for parents who are not skating and are here to spectate.

  17. Management reserves the right to inspect lockers, skate cases, back packs or similar items when entering or leaving building.

  18. Please report all accidents to management immediately.

  19. Patron's must follow all posted and verbal rules and instructions. (Georgia State Law)

  20. Parents will be held responsible for the actions of their children. Let's Roll Skate 'n Fun Center assumes no responsibility for children left unattended and/or unsupervised. We are a Public Entertainment Facility designed for "Families" and Do Not provide baby sitting services.

  21. Management reserves the right to refuse entrance to anyone for any reason at any time.

  22. There will be no saving seats within the concession area. Management is not responsible for items left unattended.

  23. No cell phone use while on the skate floor for the safety of all patrons.

  24. Photo Release Statement: By entering the Let's Roll Family Skate Center, you assign and grant to Let's Roll the right and permission to use and publish the photographs/film/video and/or electronic representations made during activities inside the facility, and you hereby release Let's Roll from any and all liability from such use and publication.

  25. Person's entering the building assumes all risk regarding accidents and injury. Georgia is a "Skate at Your Own Risk State.


You hereby authorize the copyright, exhibit, broadcast, electronic storage and/or distribution of said photographs/film/video and/or electronic representations without limitation at the discretion of Let's Roll and you specifically waive any right to any compensation you may have for any of the foregoing.




Things to Know:


* Any Birthday Party Reservation made with less than 72 hours prior to party date will be charged a $20 Service Charge.

* All party packages must be paid in full a minimum of 10 days prior to your party date to reserve your spot.

* You must notify us at least 4 days prior to your party with a Total # of guests.

* You are required to fill out the list of names (On the Let's Roll Guest List - see link on Party Page) you have invited and  turn it in along with your Driver's License on the day of your party to your party coordinator when you check in. If you do not have a guest list prepared, you will have to fill one out before you are allowed to check in.

* Only those Guest who are listed on the "Party Guest List" are allowed to sit in the Party Room. Any Additional Heads will be Charged as a Party Guest.

* You will be given or emailed a contract that you must sign when you make your payment and must return at least 5 days prior to your party date.

* NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED IN OUR FACILITY ONLY YOUR BIRTHDAY CAKE OR CUPCAKES.  If found, you will be asked to remove the items from the building or forfeit your party. No Refunds will be given.

* We DO NOT ALLOW ice cream or ice cream cakes. 

* We DO NOT provide paper products for the adults that may be at your child’s party. If you wish to feed them,

 you can ask us to provide paper products at $1 per place setting, or .25 per item that you ask for, or you can

 bring you own paper products from home, which would include a paper plate, a napkin, a plastic fork or spoon,

 and a paper cup.

* NO LED OR GLOW PRODUCTS can be brought in from outside. We sell these items at our Redemption Counter.

* BALLOONS are allowed to be brought in and tied to the party chairs.

* NO BANNERS or SIGNS can be taped to the wall or hung from the ceiling grid or tiles. This will cause damage to the painted walls and/or ceiling and you will be charged for repairs.

* NO Silly String, Confetti, Streamers or Gum Are Allowed to be used in our Facility. Violators will be charged an Additional Clean-up Fee or Repair/Replacement Fee to be determined by Manager on Duty.




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We are a "Skate at Your Own Risk" facility. All person's entering Let's Roll Skate 'n Fun Center assume all risk regarding accidents and injury. Georgia is a "Skate at Your Own Risk" state.